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Ap Teachers Transfers Schedule & Guidelines Rc NO. 190 Dt. 6-6-17

ap teacers transfers schedule
ap teacers transfers schedule

Present:-K. SANDHYA RANI, I.Po.S. 

Re. No.190/Estt.1I1/2017                                                                                Dated:-06.06.2017

Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule & Guidelines Rc NO. 190 Dt. 6-6-17
                      Attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the references 1st and 2nd read above. Government have issued Rules regulating the transfers of the categories of Headmasters of Gr. II Gazetted, School Assistants and Secondary Grade Teachers and their equivalent categories in the AP. School Education Subordinate Services working in the Govt. Schools and Z.P.P. and M.P.P. Schools in the state. 
                           The Time Schedule for completion of Transfers exercise is enclosed herewith. The transfer schedule should be followed scrupulously without any deviation. 
The following important guidelines are issued regarding conduct of the Transfers Counseling of Teachers in the state.

Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule & Guidelines Rc NO. 190 Dt. 6-6-17

Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule & Guidelines

  1. For the purpose of transfers of Teachers, the assessment of Teacher posts required in any school shall be based on U-DISE of the previous academic year with cut-off date as 31st December.
  2. Those Teachers who have completed 8 Academic Calendar Years of service and those Headmasters Gr. II who have completed 5 Years of service in a school as on date of closure of a particular academic year in which transfers are to be taken up shall be transferred compulsorily. (More than half the academic year would be considered as a complete full year for this purpose and less than half would not be considered)
  3. For this purpose, the Teachers who joined on or before 17-11-2009 in the present school and the HMs Gr. II who completed 5 years of service as on the date of closure of the schools i.e. as on 24.04.2017 in a particular school shall be transferred compulsorily.
  4. Those who are going to retire within 2 years from 30th June, 2017 shall not be transferred without their request for transfer.
  5. Male teachers who crossed 50 years of age as on 30th April, 2017 may be considered for posting in Girls High Schools only when female Teachers / H.M. Gr. II are not available to post in Girls High Schools.
  6. a.) The Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted and Teachers who have completed 5 years of service and 8 academic calendar years of service respectively as NCC Officer should be posted in a vacancy in a school where there is NCC unit. b) If no vacancy is available in other schools having NCC unit they shall be continued in the same school on their request. 
  7. All the teachers in DEOs' pool should be shown at the actual schools from where they are drawing and paid salaries. If found deficit / surplus, they shall participate in the transfers' counseling with entitlement points applicable to the schools from which they are drawing salary or schools where they worked on work adjustment whichever is beneficial to them.
  8. With reference to G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.II) Dept., Dt.04-06-2017 under Rule No.13, after arriving at the total vacancies in the Dist., the District Educational Officers shall ensure that equal % of posts are identified to be kept unfilled in each mandal. Only balance number of vacancies should be opened for the Transfers counseling. The number of vacancies so unfilled should be shown in a separate column in the final abstract Mandal/District wise. Possible surplus teachers after completion of Rationalization exercise and Transfer counseling may be utilized on work adjustment basis in so identified vacant posts
  9. DEOs shall have to ensure that mandal wise the equal percentage of vacancies to be kept unfilled in all the mandals. This must be observed category wise, subject wise in all the mandals during the Transfers Counseling.
  10. The teachers being shifted on completion of the Rationalization exercise in Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools shall be preferably posted to those schools where such school is being merged with or where such new posts have come up due to rationalization. ln case such Teacher is not willing for that, they can be allowed to participate in the transfer counseling by following the norms.
  11. Criteria for identification of teachers to be shifted on Rationalization: i.Teachers who completed 8 academic years of service in a particular school should be shifted in the first instance, in case the rationalization is affecting the school and a teacher post is to be shifted. ii.In the absence of the above, junior teacher as per the service in the cadre may be shifted.     iii. Willing senior teacher (senior as per the service in the cadre) may be shifted duly obtaining a written declaration.
  12. The number of years of service completed in a particular school, in all cadres should be taken into consideration.
  13. Transfers shall be effected within the present management in which the Teacher I H.M. Gr.II is working.
  14. If the teacher/ Headmaster Gr.II desires to go to his / her parent management such Teacher / Headmaster Gr.II may opt for transfer to only those vacancies available in their parent management subject to availability of vacancies in the parent managements. In such instances, their seniority shall be taken into account in the parent management.
  15. The I.T. Cell of this office will facilitate the process of Teachers / Headmasters Gr.II transfers counseling through online process till completion of allotment of places.
  16. Entitlement of points shall be awarded to the Headmaster Gr.II / Teachers service rendered in the present school, category as on 3Qth April, 2017.
  17. It shall be ensured that list of habitations and categories of areas in the district which do not have connectivity through an all-weather road are published by the Collector 􀀫 District Magistrate as per the norms of Panchayat Raj (Engineering) Department in consultation with the Superintending Engineer, P.R. of the district.
  18. The spirit of allowing special points (Extra Points) under Rule 7 (iii) is intended to facilitate the spouse to come nearer to the spouse only. The Headmaster Gr.11 / Teacher wishing to avail this special points shall be opt to nearer places of his / her spouse working place i.e. in the same district / adjacent district.
  19. For performance points under Rule 9 (a) & (b) U-DISE-2015 and U-DISE 2016 shall be taken into account regarding increasing enrolment during last two years.
  20. For individual related performance points under Rule 10 (a), the Headmaster Gr.II who got National / State Award on or after 2012 and not availed entitlement points during previous counseling and Teachers who got National/ State Award on or after 2009 and not availed the entitlement points during previous counseling can avail the benefit now.
  21. Under Rule 10 (g), all the upgraded posts (either filled by way of promotion or not filled) should be notified as vacancies. If, vacancies are not available to adjust all the LPs and PETs, they may be shown against a needy vacancy and salary drawn against a regular vacancy of SGT or its equivalent cadre posts in the district.
  22. The DEOs shall arrange for a computer operator, computer systems and internet connection at MRCs for Gr.11 HMs/Teachers to submit their online transfer application with ease and convenience.
                    Further, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to follow the instructions carefully and complete the exercise as per the time frame communicated without any deviations. 
                  Any deviation of the instructions will be viewed seriously and necessary disciplinary action will be initiated against the defaulters.
Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule & Guidelines Rc NO. 190 Dt. 6-6-17

Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule

Rationalization of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools
Before 09-06-2017
Display of List of vacancies Management wise, Category Wise, subject Wise, Medium Wise in website in respect of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools
Applying for transfer by HM/ Teacher online and submission of print out application form to the concerned M.E.O. / Dy.E.O.
9-06-2017 to  12-06-2017
Receiving print out of the application form by the D.E.O. after verification by M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. and preparation of seniority list.
10-06-2017 to 13-06-2017
Display of provisional Seniority lists based on performance points and entitlement points on website
Submission of uploaded objections in the website and the proof, if any, to the District Educational Officer
15-06-2017 to 16-06-2017
Redressal of Objections / replies posted on website by District Educational Officer.
Conformation and willingness of application to participate in transfer counseling bv H.M. / Teacher
17-06-2017 to 18-06-2017
Display of final Seniority list with performance points and entitlement points in website
Submission of online web option by the Headmaster/teacher
20-06-2017 to 22-06-2017
Displaying of provisional allotment places list
Grievances if any on provisional allotment list
Redressal of Grievances by District Level Committee
26-06-2017 to 27-06-2017
Disolavino of final allotment places list
Display of transfer orders the Web and issue of orders (hard copy) by the concerned authorities
(Allotment should be generated for all categories of the posts to the applied candidates (District wise, category wise, Medium wise and subject wise basing on the web-options given by the individuals.
29-06-2017 to 30-06-2017
Date of Joining in New Schools

Commissioner of School Education
Ap Teachers Transfers  Schedule & Guidelines Rc NO. 190 Dt. 6-6-17

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